Our History

The Baptist Church was established in Lochee in 1865. Its formation appears to have followed a visit by the Rev. T. W. Medhurst, who was on a preaching and lecturing tour.

The first meeting-place was the Weavers Hall, and those who met there, although few in number, applied themselves with great energy to the building of a church in Bright Street. Steady success followed, until it was necessary to enlarge the building to seat about 300. Work among the children in the district was also successful and when the church was enlarged a new hall, with a seating capacity of around 200 was built.

The first minister was the Rev. J. O. Wills, who was inducted In 1866, He remained for four years before being succeeded by the Rev. J. D. Cameron in 1870-80. Succeeding ministers were the Revs. William Smoldon (1882- 90); John Campbell (1891-93); P. T. Thomson (1893-95); William Cleland (1896-1907); Hugh McKenzie (1907-11): W. B. Morrison (1912-15); John Stewart (1916-17).

The Rev. A. B. Burgess came to the church in 1918 and made a niche for himself in Lochee and in the city. He came to Dundee from Ratho near Edinburgh, and during his ministry of 32 years the congregation was practically doubled, especially amongst the young people. While Mr Burgess was at Lochee a pipe organ was installed as well as a new heating system.

The Rev. J. M. Forbes came to Lochee in 1950. He began his career as a lay preacher while working as an Insurance agent in Dundee. He was also organist and choirmaster at Hawkhill Baptist Church. Previous to coming to Lochee he was superintendent of Range-field Mission, Downham, for four years. Born in Brechin, he attended Damacre Road School and Stobswell School, Dundee. In later years he studied at the London Bible College and gained the London University Certificate of Religious Knowledge. He left for Shotts Baptist Church in 1955, and after that went on to become the minister of Crieff Baptist Church.

Rev. A. M. Stewart, came in February 1956 after previously being the minister at Dumbarton. A native of Glasgow, Mr Stewart was in industry before studying for the ministry. His first charge was at Kelvinside Baptist Church. Each year while in Dumbarton he, with the assistance of a dozen laymen, organised a door-to-door visitation throughout the town and in the new housing areas. During his ministry in Lochee the membership increased, to the highest in its history.

The church underwent interior alterations which included an open Baptistry and a new pulpit. New communion furniture was also gifted by members. Ground was purchased adjacent to the church and the building of a new hall, kitchen, deacon's room and vestry began in the spring of 1960. A special feature of the church at the time was its systematic house-to-house visitation which brought a number into fellowship with the church. 

In the Early 60s the church began to run all age Sunday School classes before the Sunday morning worship services. These were run not as lectures but with participation from the class members. Many who came began to stay on for the service and later became Christians. Mr Stewart continued to pastor the church until 1972.

Lochee Baptist Church merged with Central Baptist Church (CBC), a city center Baptist church in Dundee around the year 2000. CBC maintained the building and did extensive building works at the time removing the pews and the pulpit making the building more of a community hall that ran outreach ministries in the community for over a decade. A new Pastor at CBC had the vision of replanting a church in the building and due to the area being surrounded by housing schemes CBC connected with a ministry called 20schemes run out of Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh. It was through 20schemes that a small team led by Rev. Andrew Mathieson moved to the area and launched Lochee Baptist Chapel December 2016.